Enjoy respect florence

Enjoy and respect Firenze

EnjoyRespectFirenze it is an initiative of the Municipality of Florence, which wants to raise the awareness of all visitors to Florence on how they should behave properly during their visit to the...


Cupola - Uffizi - Accademia

Type of access: Uffizi, Academy and Cathedral Dome

Priority access to the Uffizi Gallery and the Academy Gallery with Firenzecard is always guaranteed.  For priority of access, you have to make a reservation, free of charge, using the methods below: ...


Galleria dell'Accademia

February 26 - Accademia Gallery: possible inconvenience for entry

Wednesday, February 26, due to a union assembly, possible inconvenience for entry from 08:00am to 10:00am and from 05:00pm to 07:00pm at the Accademia Gallery. Date: February 26, 2020  



Carnival in Tuscany

February is Carnival time, the happiest and most imaginative festival there is. During Carnival, children and adults alike love to dress up and parade through the streets of our cities. There are...


La storia sceglie il futuro al Museo degli Innocenti

Museo degli Innocenti: history chooses the future

History chooses the future is the title of the museum itinerary at the Istituto degli Innocenti, which is expanding to allow visitors to appreciate the institute’s archival heritage. For the first...


Visita del restauro della Pietà Bandini di Michelangelo al Duomo

Visit the restoration of Michelangelo’s Pietà Bandini at the Museo dell'Opera del Duomo

The Opera di Santa Maria del Fiore has decided to make the restoration of Michelangelo’s Pietà Bandini accessible to all. Visitors to the Museo dell'Opera del Duomo will be able to observe...


Palazzo Vecchio: I simboli del potere

Palazzo Vecchio: The symbols of power

Admire three precious artefacts on an itinerary through the Museo di Palazzo Vecchio: the collar of the Golden Fleece and the grand-ducal sceptre and crown. The symbols of Cosimo I de’ Medici’s power...


Note al Museo

Note at the Museum

Note at the Museum is the series of concerts that takes place in the spectacular Sala del Paradiso of the Museo dell’Opera del Duomo. A real concert season that attracts all music lovers thanks to...


Le botteghe della scienza 2020 al Museo Galileo

The 2020 science shops at the Galileo Museum

Every Sunday at 11:00 am, the Galileo Museum organises various activities aimed at young people and adults to learn some ancient artisan crafts, such as the art of the Florentine commesso, also known...