Buy online your Firenze Card

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To purchase your card fill the online form in all its required parts.
You can buy the card online using credit card VISA or MasterCard following the online checkout procedure. You can only buy just one card at a time.
You will receive by email a voucher after the online purchase. It is valid 12 months from the completion of the purchase. You have one month to use your card after the collection.

Cardholder data
Enter the required personal data of the person who will use the Card, paying attention to type them in correctly. Read the conditions for Card’s collection. Data have to correspond to the person who will collect Firenze Card. By delivery an identity document could be required. In case the person who will collect the Card should be different from the owner entered on line in this section, it’s necessary to produce an authorization and a signed photocopy of the document of the person registered as Firenze Card’s owner.

If you want to give Firenze Card as a present, you can enter the data of the Card's beneficiary (obviously with his/her e-mail address, so that he/she can receive directly the voucher for the Card's collection) in the fields here under and go on with the payment by credit card, using your data as required in the payment's final window.