Conditions of supply of service

The following general conditions define the relationship between Linea Comune spa, providing the online purchase service of Firenzecard on behalf of City of Florence, and the users.

1. Service statement

The present general conditions of sale shall apply to all sales of Firenzecard and Firenzecard+. Firenzecard is a strictly personal card and allows you to visit only once every museum, villa, church and garden of the Circuit. You have 72 hours from the activation to visit the sites. Firenzecard+ can be purchased only in association with the Firenzecard and allows you to use free the city’s public transport for 72 hours from the activation and to enjoy discounts and offers by the official Firenzecard+ partners. Firenzecard is valid for 72 hours starting from the first entrance into a museum, whereas Firenzecard+ is valid for 72 hours starting from the first obliteration on the public transport or from activation through digital card on the App Firenzecard.
The service provided by Linea Comune Spa concerns the possibility for users to buy Firenzecard directly online or at the authorized points of sale. All information about is available on the dedicated sections in the website.

2. How to purchase Firenzecard online

To buy Firenzecard and Firenzecard+ online:
  1. Fill out all the sections of the form to buy Firenzecard
  2. Read and support these general conditions of supply of service;
  3. Read and accept the terms of privacy;
  4. Complete the payment processing of the card. The Firenzecard availability is subject to variation till the successful completion of your transaction. The online purchase is concluded by submitting form and payment.
  5. In case of successful purchase, the customer is sent a confirmation email containing a voucher code identifying the purchase. The customer will decide if he wishes to collect a "physical card", at one of the collection points listed on the email and Firenzecard website, or if he wishes to activate the digital card on the App Firenzecard. To obtain the digital card the customer has to download the App Firenzecard (available on Google Play and ITunes stores) and enter his voucher code in the apposite section. The sistem will automatically create the card/s purchased and related to the voucher code entered.

3. Terms of online payment

The payment can be made by credit card VISA, MasterCard or Postepay by following the online procedures.

4. How to collect Firenzecard and Firenzecard+ purchased online

You have to collect your purchased Firenzecard and Firenzecard+ directly in one of the collection points listed on the website within 6 months. The collection is not possible and the purchase is not refundable after. The customer must show a valid identity document and the print of the e-confirmation voucher. If another person will collect the card, he/she has to show a delegation by the purchaser and a copy of his/her identity document.

5. Cost and validity of Firenzecard and Firenzecard+

The price of Firenzecard is 85 euros. The card is valid one month after the collection of the "physical card". The Firenzecard "physical" or "digital" is active for a period of 72 hours since its first activation by the holder and the minors of the family unit. Please, verify on the website of partecipating museums if you have right to any free access and/or reduction related to age/nationality/residence/category/profession before purchasing your Firenzecard.


The price of Firenzecard+ is 7 euros. The card is valid one month after the collection of the "physical card". Firenzecard+ can be purchased only together with Firenzecard. Firenzecard+ allows to its holder and those under 18 years of age who are members of the same family unit of the Firenzecard+ holder to use free the city's public transport for 72 hours, starting from the first obliteration on the transport or from the activation through the digital card on the App Firenzecard. With Firenzecard+ the holder can enjoy discounts and offers by the official partners.

6. Right to withdraw

The customer has the right to withdrawal from the sales agreement within 14 days of receipt of the card purchased, in accordance with the provisions of Art. 64 of Italian Law Decree n.206/2005. The purchase is not refundable after these stated terms. The refund of the online purchase is not expected in case of non-collection or collection by user after the stated terms of 6 months in accordance with the provisions of Art.4. The card is refundable within 14 days, if and only if the card has not yet been activated and customized with name/surname and if and only if the user returns it intact with its kit and all its items. The user has to show the receipt of the purchase/collection. If the customer uses some service related to the card, he/she doesn't have the right to refund.

7. Loss and deterioration of Firenzecard and Firenzecard+

Firenzecard and Firenzecard+ are not refundable, even if stolen; it is not possible to reissue a lost card. So take good care of the card and, in case of "physical card", do not bend it. If your "physical card" card is damaged or does not work properly, bring it to one of the sale points and it will be replaced. The "physical card" card can only be replaced if not already expired (within 72h). The digital Firenzecard and Firenzecard+ downloaded on your smartphone are connected to the working of your device. The refund and replacement are not possible if the malfunction is connected to the mobile device used by the customer or by unistalling the Firenzecard app after completing the download on the card on your device. The customer cannot download the App Firenzecard on a new mobile device and enter a voucher code just used in another App on a different device.

8. Other warnings about Museum's admittance with Firenzecard and about the use of the city's public transport with Firenzecard+

For groups bigger than 8 people access to the Uffizi Gallery and Accademia Gallery can depend on the number of visitors. The access to the Brunelleschi Cupola (Dome) of the Opera del Duomo Circuit is not guaranteed because the maximum daily number of visitors is limited, and the reservation is compulsory. In order to make your reservation,as first thing you have to collect the Grande museo del Duomo free ticket at the museum ticket office in Piazza San Giovanni,7; after that,you will be able to make your reservation for the Cupola on the dedicated screen in the same ticket office. PLEASE NOTE that, if you have not activated your Firenzecard yet with the first entrance in a museum of the Firenzecard circuit, the collection of the Grande museo del Duomo free ticket is considered to be 'first entrance':the Firenzecard validity of 72h will start running out since then.The Grande museo del Duomo ticket is usable for 72h from the first access to one of the Grande museo del Duomo monuments. If participating museums close for exceptional reasons (strikes, holidays, etc.) or would offer free access to extraordinary events, this would not postpone the validity and duration of your card. To access to the Firenzecard museums:
  • with "physical card" give your card to the museum staff to register your admission on the POS;
  • with "digital card" please the museum you want to visit, create your digital ticket and show your digital Qrcode to the museum staff. In case of error in the museum ion by the customer and subsequent wrong generation of the Qrcode, the outcome of the reading of Qrcode by the POS of the museum and the admission registered is always valid. In case of request for the real entrances by the customer, Linea Comune will be able to do a check within 1 month from the request highlighting the entrances registered by the POS in the museums. This request must be sent to the following email address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. indicating the reason for request and the number of Firenzecard used. Without these data it will not be possible to proceed.

9. Liability limitations

Linea Comune s.p.a. supplies the service for the purchase of Firenzecard and Firenzecard+ on behalf of the City of Florence, that made independent agreements with the museums to supply the services for the Firenzecard holders and with the Firenzecard+ partners. So Linea Comune s.p.a.does not assume any responsibility for the supply of service methods. For every claim about the supply of service of access to the museums please file a complaint against every incovenience and/or disruptions to companies that supply these services. Please write also to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so that Linea Comune s.p.a. has knowledge of your claim and it is able to advise the companies. Linea Comune s.p.a. does not assume any responsibility for possible direct and indirect damages of any kind related to the services provided through the site LineaComune s.p.a. also reserves the right to modify, suspend or discontinue any feature or service for technical or organizational reasons or in accordance with the provisions by the City of Florence, without a refund of the purchased card.

10. Special conditions of supply of service for tour operator

  1. In accordance with this document it is called “tour operator” every agency/company that sells, creates or builds holiday packages; it is called as “holiday package” the package in accordance with Art. 34 of the Italian Law Decree n.79/2011 and its later changes of the Tourism Code.
  2. The tour operator can buy the Firenzecard only according to the following conditions:
    • Minimum purchase of 10 Firenzecard. There is no limit for the purchase of the related Firenzecard+;
    • request for purchase to Linea Comune s.p.a at least 15 working days before the delivery;
    • payment at least 5 working days before the delivery;
    • the delivery of the Firenzecard and Firenzecard+ is possible if and only if in Florence, from Monday to Friday from 10 am to 5 pm, and if the time and the place are planned at the moment of order;
    • the sale to third parts of the purchased card by the tour operator is exceptionally allowed, upon agreement between the seller tour operator and the City of Florence, if and only if the card is sold within a holiday package and if the correct name Firenzecard and Firenzecard+, the features of service and the price are clearly specified as stated by these general conditions. It is strictly forbidden the sale of card at increased price.
  3. For "tour operator" it means any company that sells, creates and assembles tourist packages; for "tourist package" it means contacts as defined by the art. 34 of the Tourism Code (D. lgs. n. 79/2011 e succ. mod.).