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Santa Maria Novella
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The Santa Maria Novella Complex includes the Dominican Basilica and the adjoining monumental cloisters. The church preserves some works with an extraodinary value, such as the Crucifix by Giotto, the Trinity by Masaccio, the Crucifix by Brunelleschi, the Tornabuoni Chapel by Ghirlandaio and his workshop and the Strozzi Chapel by Filippino Lippi. The Cloisters present rare evidences of the 14th and 15th century florentine painting. The most famous is the Green Cloister, decorated with the Histories of Genesis by Paolo Uccello and other masters. The Cloister gives access to the Spanish Chapel, decorated with frescoes by Andrea di Bonaiuto. The Chapel of the Ubriachi and the ancient Refectory hold a permanent exhibition of jewellery, religious ornaments and liturgical vestments, that are part of the ancient Treasure of the church, and a series of paintings.
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From April to September Mon-Thu 9-19; Fri 11–19.

From October to March Mon-Thu 9.00-17.30; Fri 11.00–17.30.

Saturday and days before religious holidays all the year round 9.00-17.30 (July/August 9.00-18.30)

Sunday and religious holidays all the year round 13.00–17.30 (July/August 12.00-18.30, September/October 12.00-17.30)

Recommended reservation for groups bigger than 10 people:

The last entry is forty-five minutes before closing time
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