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Basilica di Santa Croce
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The Franciscan Church of Santa Croce dates back to the thirteenth century and it is able to fascinate the visitors for the size of its space and the variety of its treasures. The Basilica, the cloisters, the Museum of Parigi, the Pazzi Chapel and the Museum of the Opera are part of the tour. In particular are of note the Tombs of Michelangelo Buonarroti and Galileo Galileo, the masterpieces by Giotto (Bardi and Peruzzi Chapels, Baroncelli Polyptych), by Taddeo Gaddi (the Last Supper, the Tree of Life), by Donatello (Annunciation, Crucifix, St. Ludovic of Toulose), by Agnolo Gaddi (Alberti and Castellani Chapels) and by Cimabue (Crucifix).
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From Monday to Saturday 9.30-17.30; Sunday and religious holidays 14.00-17.30
Closed January 1st, Easter, June 13th, December 25th-26th
Recommended reservation for groups

The last entry is half an hour before closing time .

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