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Imperatrici, matrone, liberte. Volti e segreti delle donne romane

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L'ultimo ingresso è un'ora prima della chiusura. 

Ingresso gratuito ogni 1° domenica del mese; accesso prioritario sospeso.


The exhibition is dedicated to female power and the possible public roles held by women in ancient Rome and, in particular, by women of the imperial age and tells the stories, secrets, battles of civil, political and economic emancipation. Three sections that make up the exhibition, bringing to the attention of the public not only the positive and negative models embodied by the empresses and prominent women of the imperial house, but also the daily life stories of matrons and freedmen. Among the protagonists we find Agrippina Minore (mother of Nero), Domizia Longina (wife of Domitian), Giunia Atte (first slave and then freedwoman married to her patron), Pompeia Trebulla (powerful matron of the elite of Terracina) and many others.

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