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Museo Casa di Dante
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The life, the city and the work of the Supreme Poet: an interactive and immersive experience within the walls of his birthplace.

Since June 24th, 2020, the Dante’s House Museum has a new technological and multimedia set up which allows visitors to discover, in a more engaging and interactive manner, the life, Florence and works of one of the most important figures in Italian and world literature: Dante Alighieri. 
Located in the complex of medieval buildings that housed the Alighieri houses, near the Torre della Castagna, the museum thus combines the tradition of a historic site with the innovation of the rearrangement.
Inside his house, the visitor will meet Dante as a man, Dante as a soldier, Dante as a politician, Dante as a Poet and his Florence. A multisensory journey guided by the most advanced technologies such as immersive rooms, video mapping and virtual reality, to get to know Dante, father of the Italian language and author of the Divine Comedy.
The highlight of the visit is Room 7 - The Divine Comedy and the immersive show “Love that moves the sun and other stars” realized with the patronage and contribution of the National Committee for the celebrations of 700 years since Dante Alighieri’s death – Dante 2021 – Mibact.
Upon entering the room, the visitor enters an evocative environment, isolated from the outside world, designed for a truly immersive experience in the three canticles of the Comedy. It is here that the emotional peak of the visit is reached: with the lights off, a large book in the room will reproduce Dante’s journey through an effective video-mapping projection. 

via Santa Margherita, 1
50122 Firenze , FI
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