Immagine del Glicine in fiore a Villa Bardini

At Villa Bardini the flowering of wisteria and Mimmo Jodice

Fri, 04/05/2024 - 13:58

In these weeks of April Villa and Giardino Bardini await you for an unmissable double event: the flowering of the wisteria, a real explosion of color and scents; the exhibition dedicated to Mimmo Jodice, one of the great masters of photography.
The flowering of the wisteria has already started this year, early, and visitors can already enjoy this spectacle that nature offers us every year: from lilac to violet, from mauve blue to pink, the pergola of Villa Bardini is completely covered with these bunches.
Wisteria has an ancient history and a distant origin: it is said that wisteria was brought as a rarity from China by Marco Polo, although its actual arrival in Italy is attested starting from the eighteenth century.
The exhibition “Mimmo Jodice. Without Time” is another opportunity to visit Villa Bardini and reflect on reality seen through the filter of a different and suspended time. An exhibition that is a poetic story where the rules of photographic language are overturned, overcoming and forcing its limits: statuary faces and ancient mosaics, views of Naples and urban landscapes, Nature and the Sea.