Immagine Card Restart

How to activate Restart

Has your Firenzecard expired and do you want to activate Restart in a free Promo? We explain below how to add 48 free hours to your Firenzecard: • wait for your Firenzecard to expire • after the...


Punti vendita Firenzecard

Where to buy in Florence

Are you in Florence? Buy Firenzecard at one of our authorized sales points to visit the museums of the Circuit without worries ... Firenzecard is all-inclusive! These are our sales points: Santa...


Firenzecard è tornata

We're back

From today Firenzecard service is back and working. It will be possible to buy the card both online and at authorized points of sale. The cost of the card is 85 €. Firenzecard is valid for 72 hours...


Sarà bello tornare

It will be wonderful to come back

Firenzecard is back with great news: Firenzecard Restart for free in PROMO to extend your expired Firenzecard by 48 hours and enjoy even more of all the beauties of the museums in Florence and the...