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Immagine dell'esterno del Forte Belvedere
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Ferdinando de' Medici commissioned Bernardo Buontalenti and Don Giovanni de’ Medici to build the Fort. The Palazzina was there before the Fort encompassing it was built and it played the role of a panoramic terrace for the grand ducal court. The Palazzina became the fort's command centre and an armoured room was built in its basement to house the state treasure. Lost its strategic defence function, in 1954 the Fort was at the centre of a large renovation project in order to create a suggestive place offering a spectacular view of Florence and its hills. The Forte di Belvedere constitutes a monumental, historic-artistic and environmental reference point of extreme importance, and it continues to pursue its calling as an exhibition centre, dating back to the middle of the last century, by hosting top-quality events and exhibitions. 

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