The more museums you visit, the more you save


The only official museum pass that allows you discovering the cultural heritage of Florence and metropolitan area with the following benefits:

  • 72 hours available to visit the Circuit museums
  • Surcharge for exhibitions adn reservation included
  • Entrance free of charge for people under 18 years old, part of the family of the card holder
Firenzecard restart

Firenzecard Restart

The card that allows you extending your vacation and add 48 hours to your expired Firenzecard.

  • It can be used only by downloading Firenzecard app for smartphone/tablet iOS or Android
  • Access to museums that you missed out
  • It can be activated within 12 months from the purchase of Firenzecard

Firenzecard+ (currently not available)

The option that allows you visiting the city more conveniently, with the following benefits:

  • 72 hours to use the city’s public means of transportation
  • Exclusive museum guide
  • Target sale offers