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The Synagogue of Florence, monumental building of great beauty, stands out with its green dome in the city skyline. It is the centre of the Jewish life in Florence, place of cult and integral part of the city history. The Jewish Temple was opened in 1882, after the Emancipation of Italian Jewish, located away from the area of the old Jewish ghetto that was demolished in the last decade of the 19th century. Symbol of the acquired freedom, the building welcomes us inside with an atmosphere of great suggestion. The revival of the Moorish style that characterises the rich wall decoration, the poly-chrome windows, the marble inlays of the floors, the furniture and all the decorations are inspired to the typical eastern taste of the monumental synagogues in Europe during late 19th century. The Jewish museum, set up on two floors inside the Synagogue, completes and enriches the visit to the monumental Temple. It conserves and exhibits an extraordinary collection of ancient objects of Jewish ceremonial art, witness of the high artistic level reached by the Italian-Jewish community in applied arts. The museum path tells the history of Florentine Jewish from the first settlements to post-war reconstruction with the aid of photo panels, films, documentary sources.
Via Farini 6
50121 Firenze , FI
+39 055 2346654


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